Saturday, October 8, 2011

a man of many talents.

my man is talented. a peace maker. a lover. 
he is a musician. many people play instruments, not all of them can really call themselves a musician. He can learn most songs in less then an hour, no joke. but the best thing about this guy is he writes all of his own music and his songs are good. one day he will have an album and one day people will pay to hear it. all of his songs have a story, a reason for their existence. he does quirky things like not allowing anyone hear what he is working on until it is finished. he loves to play sitting on the ground. he gets nervous even when he is just singing to me. 
one day he will sing to our kids and I can't wait for that. I fell in love with him the first time I heard him sing a song he had written for his ex-girlfriend. I know, weird. but it's true. I knew I wanted a man like that and I'll I could think about was how anyone could let him go, so I didn't. and I'm still holding on to him and will be until the end.  

one day I'll post some videos of him singing. I'm still working on him letting me.
but don't worry I'll win that discussion:) -bb

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