Thursday, September 27, 2012

late birthday:)

my husband is wonderful:)
First of all for my birthday he got me my new baby, the Nikon love.
We were still in China over my birthday and we were actually on a Chinese tour in 
It was beautiful to see but my birthday was the worst night of my life! 
Not kidding. We stayed in a hotel full of bugs and the AC stopped working in the 
middle of the night! I literally cried myself to sleep! 
I know I know, dramatic. But it was horrible!
My birthday is on the 4th of July so to be out of America on that
day was really hard. There were no fireworks, bbq's or family parties!
We also didn't have internet that day so I didn't get to talk to any of my family:(
Okay enough of that. To sum it up it was a bummer.

Because it was kind of sad Chance decided to surprise me with a little celebration....3 days ago!
Yep we had a little party on Sept. 24 and it was amazing!
I cam home from a long day of work and he had cleaned the room, got me a small present, a little candy surprise and a cake was waiting there with lit candles on it:)
This sucker is made our of caramel and I guy made it on the street! Insane!

And here is my delicious white chocolate cake!

and he got me 2 scarfs (my recent obsession).

I love my husband because he is unpredictable!
That's all,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

oh the places we've been...our summer vacation.

long time no talk folks.
well we are back in China but this is a catch post on our summer vacation! 
we were all over the place...
we got back from on China on July 18th then we went straight to Seattle.
we had a blast seeing Chance's family and singing at his cousins wedding.

we were in Seattle for the weekend then we drove down the coast....

I told Chance I needed kids to take pictures of them playing in the water and he said...
 "why? you have me!"

Haystack Rock. Tillamook Cheese Factory. Mo's.

We saw lots of things down the coast but I took way too many pictures to post so we'll 
jump down to...

Then we made it to our destination (after 3 days of straight driving)
Disneyland to be exact!!!

my FAVORITE place in the world.

Then we went to Seal Beach for a little Weaver clan family reunion.

  as soon as we got back to Cedar we headed to Salt Lake for the weekend.
at this point I want to blow up the car and sleep for like 2 weeks straight.

girls night before Alexis gets hitched.

We enjoyed some cabin trips with Master Raife.

man how I missed sunsets, fluffy clouds and being able to see the sky in general!

Well we had a great summer seeing our friends and especially our families:)
next post Lake Powell and Labor Day!
and after that it's going to be all China baby (at least until Dec. 21st)
mucho love,

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Intsa photos from the last week:)

We had a blast with Staci and Andrew. We did a 4 day tour to the place where they filmed Avatar and oh my heck it was beautiful..tiring but beautiful! Here are some pics to make you a little bit jealous:)
Oh and Chancey pants got me the d7000 for my bday...finally:) Oh how I love my new camera!
We also went to Beijing and saw some amazing places!! But at the moment i'm just glad to be home! I love my fam and America so flippin much:)
I'll catch you up on the last couple weeks soon!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

fighting the heat

First of all our good friend Emilio (far right) had a big chinese test to take that determines his future in China so we took him out for a good luck dinner!
This is our gang..

Then on Saturday afternoon we decided to fight the heat...
Lately in Changsha it has been SO hot and SO humid. kill. me. now.
Summer is supposed to be the time of year that you are always outside but where
I live you stay inside or you lose twenty pounds of sweat the second you walk outside.
and the whole garment thing doesn't make this much easier if you know what I mean.
Anyways we decided to go down town and check out some shops.
Then we went and saw Mirror twas a good day.

Due to the one child policy twins are even more exciting to see in China:)

Then on Sunday after we listened in on church we got lunch at our favorite restaurant.

This is Liu Jie. 
She is the one who gave me my chinese name so
 I guess that makes her my chinese mama:)

and then she gave us this present? This past weekend was a holiday in China called 
The Dragon Boat Festival....
When we asked our chinese friends what they do for the holiday
they just said they don't have school or work and they eat lots of food.
Apparently this little contraption is a kind of food they eat on this holiday.

then we saw these months celebrating the holiday in their own special way....

on our long walk to the island this random group of lovely's asked us to take a photo with them:)

photography posing at it's best.

and this is what was in side of that contraption...rice. Big surprise!

and then I beat Chance like 20 times in a row at speed. 
let's just say I did not have a happy husband.
this man is ALMOST as competitive as me which makes for intense games.

The face of a winner!

then we finished off the night with a little shao kao...that is chinese for bbq. and it is delicious.
It is so awesome. Every night these people come out and set up hundreds
of chairs and tables and they set up about twenty grills or so. 
It is one of our favorite things to eat and it is so cheap.

those stands are the grills. you gotta love China.

grilled chicken, bell pepper and sausage.

this photo goes out to the one and only Alexis Alger.
I like sausage. 

believe it or not that hole in the wall opens up to a street of about 20 restaurants.

Chance my b-ball star.

I have no clue what it says but I think it is sweet.

I love me some Chancelor.

Well folks that's all I got for today.
The biggest news right now is Staci and Andrew will be here in 2 days!
I cannot wait to hug the crap out of her when she gets off that plane:)