Thursday, September 15, 2011

just a preview

Lake Powell 2011 
We camped with my sister, her hubby and her son. Best weekend EVER.
More to come, I just couldn't wait to post this picture of my nephew. Man I love that kid! Can you say life jacket g-string:) ha!

This is Brett landing is 180, he is 31 and a hottie folks! My sister knows how to pick em.

Stay tuned for some more awesomeness.

we are rich:)

Well life gave us quite a great surprise:) we both got scholarships!! yay! now I know that $5,000 doesn't make us rich but to us it feels like we are! Man are we blessed! Karl took these pictures outside of our house...yes that's our house! We live in that window above the barber shop for those of you who don't know! and we love it:) it's random and super secluded but it's ours! I thought I'd share these pictures not to rub it in but to let all of you know how happy and how grateful we are to live the lives we live!

You just gotta love that mop on his head, that's my man everyone! and oh man do I love him:) If anyone wants to visit don't let the creepy stairwell scare you off, it's way cute upstairs! Apartment #2 peeps.