Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THE birds.

Christmas is a time of giving right?
Well, we have two injured birds among us:( 
As we came out of the movie theatre tonight Chance saw a "duck" flopping around in the 
parking lot. Of course we ran to it's rescue. Turns out it was bleeding and couldn't fly. 
We realized as Chance was holding it we could hear a lot of birds making sad sounds. We looked
around and noticed that there were a ton of dead birds in the parking lot. HOW SAD.
We went in to the theatre and found a box that we could keep our little guy in. 
Then as we were driving home we saw another one in the road that was alive. My tree hugging
personality came out so now we have two. What to do?
We looked it up and found out that it is a black necked grebe. They only fly when migrating and can't live in cold weather. We found an article talking about these kinds of birds falling to their death in southern utah in 1991 while trying to migrate south for the winter. 
Well history has repeated itself because they are all over the streets.
Well, for the night I'm playing mama bird. 
Keep our first "pets" in your prayers. I've turned into a corny tree hugger. crap.

We'll call him Chance, detective Chance.

well we've done our good deed for the day.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

my CHRISTMAS bonus.

Today I went on a shopping spree! 
I know sounds crazy especially with Christmas coming up....
let's just say I'm the most spoiled girl in the world when it comes to my job:)
 I was hired to be a receptionist/photo editor for Karl Hugh at Studio West Photography and needless to say I got way more than a job out of it! 
I have a whole second family that loves and cares for me so much, the Hugh's! 
They have taken me under their wing and helped me through a lot. I honestly can't describe how grateful I am for them and how lucky I am to work for Karl.
Oh, and to be apart of their lives! 
hello! they took me, my best friend and my boyfriend (hubby) to MEXICO last year.
ya you heard me the land down south! 
honestly I don't know why they like me so much. 
all I'm going to say though is I am so grateful they do.

okay okay back to the shopping spree.
well my Christmas bonus this year was... 
(yes! I get a bonus at Christmas, sounds like a big girl job to me!)
every girl's dream, shopping without the guilt.
well I had a blast, got some cute stuff and had so much help from
 Christy and Brielle (my new shopping buddies)
They introduced me to a new store which I can tell is going 
to be my new addiction....
then we went to....

pretty sure I haven't shopped there since I was 13.
Surprisingly they had great stuff and I got a pair of boots for 
$12.99 not. even. freaking. kidding. you!
ah bliss. 
Thank you Studio West and the Hugh family:)
you have done so much for me, I can't even begin to repay you.
oh but I will try, you wait and see.

well here are a few things I got. 
great finds. great company.

$12.99 boots. that is a deal my friend.

my winter skirt.

$3 find. couldn't pass it up.


when I picked this shirt up Christy said....
"you aren't going to Africa!" 
my motto: if Christy doesn't like it, I LOVE it.

my skirt that Karl says look's like a rug at a
grandma's house:)

and my cargo floods.

well happy christmas all, hopefully you find time to shop
for yourself a little:) I sure did.
man I'm selfish.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

more Christmas!

Christmas without kids would be lame. So glad we have this little one in our lives. 
He is a blessing in so many ways and I can't even describe how lucky we are to have found him! 
So grateful for adoption, his birth parents and his mommy and daddy.

Here is Raife and his sisters, Liberty and Roxy (the pups). 

Merry Christmas all!