Thursday, November 10, 2011

Find Us (music and lyrics)

Alright folks this is just for fun....and it's not great. 
Just a quick background, anytime Chance and I fight we always kiss and make up and then write a song. Weird how that works out.
Well this song was written while we were engaged and we actually sang it at out wedding reception. It was so fun to share it with people that we love. 
It's just a fun love song of how Chance and I met and dated. It's all true:) 
Hope you enjoy. Don't judge to harshly we aren't pros.

We'd love to hear your comments!
We just finished another one so if you like this there is more to come.
Find Us, Music by Chance and Lyrics by Brenna.


  1. Can this be downloaded to my ipod? I hope so!!!! We love your songs, thoughts, photographs and friendship!!!!

  2. I love this song.. It was like magical when you sang it at your reception.

  3. That was from ME (Christy) but I don't have a google acct and Connor does! =)

  4. Such a sweet song! You guys are good!

  5. This is so cute! I love it! And you have a really pretty voice :)