Wednesday, January 4, 2012

General Grievous (Raife)

My nephew is obsessed with Star Wars. So much that my brother is concerned and thinks he lives in a fantasy world haha um he is 3, of course he lives in a fantasy world. But he seriously thinks everything from Star Wars is real. It is the cutest thing ever! 
One day when Chance came home from work (btw we are leaving in my sisters basement till we live for China so Raife's home is our home) anyways, Chance walked in and Raife looked at him and said "Chance I'm so sorry your planet got destroyed" haha! What a knee slapper. 
Kids say the darndest things.
In this picture Raife say's he is dressed up as General Grievous:)

Now onto the big news!!!
Taevin Russell Messer
My new nephew (whom I haven't even met by the way!)
My sister and bro in-law are up in Salt Lake adopting this little cutie!
They come home tomorrow and I can't wait to hold him!
He is so tiny, when he was born he weighed 4 lbs 11 oz and was 16 1/2 inches long.
After a few complications all is well and they will be home tomorrow!
Congrats Brett, Hill, Raife, Liberty and Roxy!
They have a full house now! Especially with us in the basement.

sorry it's been so long, I'll do better.
oh and just so you know, one month till CHINA!! yea!


  1. I cannot wait to see this little boy!!!! Raife will definitely be teaching him some awesome things! haha

  2. What a little cutie he is!! You and your Hubs are adorable!!