Sunday, October 2, 2011

catch up post. It's a lot I know!

Okay, so this is a bit much. Here is a mash up of the last of our summer. I did it in one post! If you get bored stop looking. haha I'm a picture taker so kill me! This one is for my second father who claims I suck at updating my blog, sorry I have a life Jim! okay not really.

Well first off we went to Music Man at the festival and the prophet was there!:)
yep kids that's the big man! he was so cute, what a cool experience that was!

Chance got me tickets to Jack's Mannequin! I just can't tell you how much I love this Chance knows me all too well!
Lauren had her baby, yeah my most wonderful friend has a child! what the. well folks I'm un uncle now! :)

 here is baby boy Luke!
Cabin trips, love them!

Excuse the undies, he swam in kolob! what a stud, it's freezing in there!
 Then we went to Lake Powell, here are some pics of us in the boat because we got caught in a huge rain storm! That's when you wonder if camping was the best idea....but man we had a blast!

they were high I swear.
 me and Hill:)
 and Raife slept through the whole storm, thankfully!
 This is my husband the ten year-old. I seriously could not keep me out of this mud hole!
 and this is why I love him....
 Yep, he took it one step further!

 Then scared the crap out of the poor kid!
 seriously can't get enough of that gap toothed smile:)
 our stuff got so wet! we look so white trash!
 Seriously the most wonderful place on earth!

 haha Chance's hair, and Raife looks a little scared!
 Date Night:)

 Sleepover on our roof:)
 STACI IS GETTING MARRIED! So the girls decided to take her down to Mesquite:) we had so much fun! love these girls!

 I promise I'm not prego, it's the shirt! and a way bad angle! maybe I ate too much at dinner? to sum it bun in the oven! haha
my wittle shellninyo

 Then we went to a RSL game with Chance's fam:) so fun!
 oh eliza.

Okay that's it! please don't stop reading my blog because of this post! well we enjoyed our summer and aren't too excited for winter but we will make the best of it! Life is good, life is great, life is wonderful! until next time...

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  1. What are you talking about my friend? I love this post.. keep them coming! (MORE OFTEN) I love the picture of Raife in his undies.. Funny kid. Luke says thanks for the shout out and that he misses you like the desert misses the rain. Come see us! Love ya