Wednesday, October 26, 2011

gone huntin! (in your hickest hick voice)

Hunting is a big thing in my family..well kind of. We aren't the kind that go out and stalk the deer or anything but we put in for the draw every year and we look forward to spending the hunt at the family cabin! It's always cold, full of early mornings and deer without any horns:) haha! But my mama cooks great food and I love walking around holding a gun feeling all strong and stuff.

This year Chance wasn't able to be at the cabin for the weekend with us so me and him decided to go out on our own! as we were driving out there we realized we hadn't thought this all the way through.... 
1. we were in a car
2. we didn't have a knife
3. neither of us know how to gut a deer
4. Chance was in vans
5. we only had enough orange for me (we improvised)
Well, it's a dang good thing all we saw were 4 doe. 
Even without a kill we had a blast hikin around. I've turned my little city boy into a hunter. He wanted to shoot the gun so bad, it was so cute! That's my ten year old hubby for ya! haha

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