Thursday, October 27, 2011


get it? I'm bored. Life is too repetitive sometimes. I wake up, go to the same classes, the same job, do the same homework and go to bed. I don't know what it is but I've been in a funk the past couple days....ever since we got home from the Jack's Mannequin concert. Don't get me wrong that was a BLAST but....everytime I go to a concert (or something super fun and exciting like that!) I always come home feeling like my life is so boring.
How cool would it be to be a musician? I love how they speak to people on another level. 
I just have a lyrical soul and would love to speak to people that way:)
I know that's lame to not be grateful for what you have that's why I'm blogging to vent. Tomorrow I'll be okay but for today I'm going to be BORED. 
Maybe there is someone out there the feels the same way I do...I sure hope I'm not alone. 


  1. You're not alone girly! haha All I ever say when people ask what I've been doing lately is "working..." Now THAT'S boring. haha I love you!