Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lets play today!

This past week was hard! I won't bore you with the details but this long weekend was much needed! Chance and I decided to make the best of things and this weekend turned out to be WONDERFUL! We ended up going down to St. George on monday, we went to lunch at Chance's favorite Mexican place, then we went to Target and used the rest of our gift cards on each other:) then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond (hate that store) and tried to spend 150 dollars worth of gift cards, guess what we came home with....NOTHING! I don't know what it is but that store just makes me go insane, it is so random and so cluttered! okay enough of that! then we went to The Big Year and loved it! so good. Since it was Chance's day he decided we were going to the pet store...that place stinks! But it was fun to look around at all the animals, the birds were my favorite! then we drove back to Cedar and met up with my family and went to another movie! haha ya we are lame. We went to Real Steel and oh boy was it amazing, that Hugh Jackman is so HOT! We finished off the night with some dinner and The Office....I know it doesn't sound like much but it is a rare occasion when we get to spend the whole day together so it was the most amazing day! I love my sweet husband and I don't know what I would do without him! It's crazy how easy it is to get caught up in your day to day life and not remember to keep the romance alive...good thing that can be fixed with a day of laughter:)
here are a few pics, enjoy! 

Chance didn't like that I made him try on everything right in the middle of the store! so cute though huh!

Today we decided to get lunch and go to the park, the weather was so nice we couldn't pass it up! 

 gross. ya we are fat.

 we decided to take single photos
 Chance wins:)

On friday and sat night we helped at the haunted hospital and we had a blast! It was very exhausting but a good time, it's always fun to make grown men cry:) 

It's well worth the money so if you like to get scared you should definitely go! Just watch out for the dead nurse room, I'll get ya!

Well, overall life is good. Sometimes things get me down and I get so overwhelmed with school and work but I love that I come home to the same smiling man every night! 
until next time. -bb

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  1. So I don't know your husband but I literally LOL'd at that picture of him eating that shake at the park. Haha such a great face. Also, that's fun you got to help with the haunted hospital. Definitely scary costumes haha