Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas kick off

my favorite Christmas tradition.
Christmas tree hunting with the fam then an evening of food and....
The Nation Lampoons Christmas Vacation!
it was fun to have Chance with us this year, he loved it just as much as I do! 
Can't wait to carry on the tradish with our kids:)
Merry Christmas all!

way too hard to pick on clip so here is the trailer.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


one word describes this post. obsessed. 
Jack's Mannequin has gotten me through a lot of ups and downs in the past 4 years. lame I know but it's true. Jack also connected me and Staci from the beginning of our friendship. She is the one and only person that completely understands my love for him because she is just as obsessed! 
This is a mash up of every Jack/Something Corporate concert I've been to. 
enjoy. I sure did.

This is in salt lake when he opened for the fray. He had his own tour scheduled but then his cancer hit again so he was really sick. He canceled the tour and ended up touring with the fray when he was feeling well.

here are the random people we met and took pictures with. They even took some of us on their camera and tagged me in them on facebook haha!

this one was in vegas for Staci's birthday:)

this was up in salt lake in the venue. SOMETHING CORPORATE! reunion tour. (he is their lead singer) the girls decided to make a weekend of it and partay! we had a blast. a big SWEATY blast. ew.

 sweatyness. but that is his piano behind me. and that is us in a cage? haha

Chance surprised me with tickets to Jack's show in salt lake, in the venue again:) 
we had so much fun and we loved that Staci and Andrew decided to join us!

he was a little bit tipsy? hilarious!

Get it? THUMBS UP! the show was wonderful. he gives me the chills every time I hear him play.

oh and I caught bobby's guitar pick! ya baby! 

Well, now you know I'm crazy.
If you don't know him already check him out. He is an amazing singer/songwriter/pianoplayer
oh and did I mention he is a cancer survivor? so cool.
He also has raised a ton of money for cancer research. again, so cool.
K i'm done. 
Jack's Mannequin-Swim

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Find Us (music and lyrics)

Alright folks this is just for fun....and it's not great. 
Just a quick background, anytime Chance and I fight we always kiss and make up and then write a song. Weird how that works out.
Well this song was written while we were engaged and we actually sang it at out wedding reception. It was so fun to share it with people that we love. 
It's just a fun love song of how Chance and I met and dated. It's all true:) 
Hope you enjoy. Don't judge to harshly we aren't pros.

We'd love to hear your comments!
We just finished another one so if you like this there is more to come.
Find Us, Music by Chance and Lyrics by Brenna.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the bold truth.

So...yesterday night was hard. 
(I'm about to share details about my life that may be boring so tune out if you get bored quickly, but tune in if you struggle at staying positive and sometimes snap at your husband for stupid reasons.) 
so ya, I got mad at Chance for a stupid reason that could have been easily over looked, but me being stubborn took it to the extreme. Oh and why I got mad was because he didn't dust the living room before work...ya I'm a crazy wife. I can admit it! that was hard to admit though. Honesty folks.

Anyways this argument went on for the rest of the night, he left for work mad, I stayed home mad, everyone was mad you got it? 
Then he came home, I felt better after cooling down but he wanted to talk about it so we could fix the situation. NOT A GOOD IDEA. (although it did need to happen)
The argument turned into "don't try to read my mind"..."No you don't try to read my mind" ya real mature!
I walked out. 
He came after me. Just the kind of guy I always wanted.

okay now it's about to get good....he asked me how he could be better.
So ya I gave it to him! (I was really mad if you can't tell)
I listed things he needed to change and just ripped him a new one.....then, he told me what was bugging him about me. Who me? the perfect one? no. He loves everything about me....WRONG! 

He hit me with a big one, "Brenna, you have been pretty negative lately. Only seeing the bad and getting down about every little thing." ouchy. that hurt.
He was right, I didn't know what to say. I was so upset and so confused. I have never wanted to be a negative person or a negative wife! 
well we talked and figured some things out and spent the rest of the night cuddling and laughing.

So the reason I told you all of this is today I was looking on line for ways to stay happy and positive. Ya I know weird. but I found something really cool I want to share.....

which then led to this.....

so I had never heard of this family before but I guess they are pretty popular on youtube. I wanted to find out more about them so I googled them. Guess what! They are mormon! is that so cool? I think so. 

All I know is I want to be so happy with my life, all the time! I know it is hard to always find the good but I'm going to try, life is too short. 

I can't wait to see Chance with our kids someday, I have a feeling he will be as crazy in love with them as this guy is with his kids:)
Well I hope this finds you well and I hope it's something that will help you as much as it helped me.
all you need is love. oh and a good attitude! haha

Friday, November 4, 2011

what's in your bag?

Just a few things I love....things I will keep in my "bag" forever, I hope. 
It's things that make me well ME!
I love when people ask "what's your story?" or "what are you all about?"
wow what a hard question. is my answer...this is what I'm all about. 
If life is a bag you can add things to it and that's what I'm gonna do:)
Like I've said before, it's all about the little things!
So what's in your bag?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy (late) halloween:)

Happy Halloween all! 
We love this holiday in my family. It's always fun to be someone new for a change! Out halloween always consisted of trick or treating (of course), visiting family, pizza at uncle Chads house and of course his most famous tricks that he pulls out before the treat:)
It was fun to have Chance along for the ride and to dress up in a "couple costume".
oh and we had a fun time at the Halloween party at the movie theatre and oh yes we won the pumpkin carving competition, ya we are creative! our pumpkin is supposed to resemble someone who had a bomb put inside is mouth and then it exploded. ya creepy. but hey WE WON!

 The group that made it happen!

 oh my little hobo that shut her eyes.



 the whole GANG

 killer tat man

 yes this is real, my cousin is insane! but uber talented! Go Devin!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful Halloween. We sure did!