Monday, February 27, 2012

we are ALIVE

welcome to Changsha, Hunan.....CHINA!
we love it here and can't believe how quick we are getting used to life here.
we have already done so much, hiking, shopping, visited an orphanage, got a chinese massage and nails, went to karaoke, ice skating, watched the fireworks, went to a movie.....oh and I'm teaching english at a pre-school! I love my life:) 
Blogspot is blocked here in China but my friend
has this thing that gets through the firewall so I can only blog every once in a while so what you are going to get is a lot of pictures and very few words....hope you enjoy! Next time I'll explain a little more about our life!
Miss you all and hope all is well in the states:)


Ice Skating
Chance and Emilio helping two chinese girls stay on there feet...Chance felt so awkward haha

 my boys:) Emilio, Chance and Kev

The Couple Photos
Eric & Sophia, Chance & I, Emilio & Kev haha

The view from our apartment!

 Our favorite restaurant!
 and our favorite waitress! she gave me my chinese name.....Mei Li (which mean beautiful)
She is the cutest lady!
 Her hubby the best cook!

Our city and he is pointing to our apartment!
 The Chinese LOVE foreigners! They will stare at you until you smile then they get so excited and they always want pictures with you! we are local celebrities:)

 we caught these guys taking a picture of us so we took one of them haha

 Here in Changsha the do a firework sure every Saturday night! IT IS INSANE! 
I will never be satisfied by another firework show.
 Oh and you get to let off huge lanterns like on Tangled! it is so beautiful!
 She sold me the lantern:)

 ah stinky tofu. it seriously makes me want to barf.
You can smell it 100 ft away. The people here LOVE it. It is so gross. I can't even bite into it.
Chance almost lost it when he ate some!

The Chinese Toilet aka the hole. gross.

good ole' Ronald McDonald is here in China:)

Chance bought me this rose on the street then we saw this couple in McDonalds so I gave it to the guy to give to his it forward my friend:)

Whelp, thats all for now.....and it's not even half of the pictures I've taken...I have a lot of catching up to do! 
with love from China,