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Last fall I had the opportunity to meet a very special woman, Jamie Terry. She went through every parents nightmare last year, she lost her sweet little girl. Meeting Jamie was anything but ordinary. She was so kind and uplifting. All I could feel was peace as I talked with her. It was as if Kycie's sweet spirit stays with Jamie always. You can feel her as you talk with Jamie, it's an incredible feeling. The veil was thin.

Jamie shared her daughters story with the world, something that could not have been easy. But because of her bravery their story has saved countless children's lives due to the knowledge they have spread about T1D and it's symptoms. One day they will find out exactly why Heavenly Father called their sweet Kycie home so early in her life, I'm sure it was for something very special. At age 5 this little girl left an impact on the world. She is a fighter who was deeply loved. The good she did here on earth probably doesn't even compare to the good she is doing in Heaven.

Here is Jamie's story (written by her husband, Josh Terry)...

Jamie Terry, a mother living her dream until it became her nightmare. Caring for her daughter, Kycie, the beginning of 2015 pushed Jamie to the very edge of despair and darkness. However, despite insurmountable odds, both mother and daughter rose above the mist of darkness and embraced the light of Christ.

Jamie has been happily married to her husband, Josh, for 14 years. Parents of 5 busy boys, ages 13 years old to 18 months old, and one little girl, Kycie, who recently celebrated her 5th birthday.

With a full calendar of basketball games, piano, choir, scouts and church activities with her boys, Jamie was excited that her only girl was old enough to compete in her first cheerleading competition in early January. A few weeks later Jamie found herself begging her Heavenly Father to let Kycie survive from her injuries. On January 30th, Kycie was diagnosed type 1 diabetic and in critical condition. She was life-flighted 310 miles north to Primary Children’s Hospital where en route Kycie suffered two seizures and ultimately a severe traumatic brain injury due to excessive swelling.

Kycie’s prognosis was grim, with the doctors giving her little to no chance of survival. If she did survive, she would be severely handicapped due to the extensive brain damage. Jamie put her faith in God and her trust in family to help through the next 111 days in the hospital. Kycie surpassed expectations and survived, but she couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t eat and showed very little purposeful movement. She was admitted into an inpatient rehabilitation unit to try and relearn everything she so quickly lost.

Jamie only left Kycie’s side if her husband were there to care for her. Experiencing immense feelings of guilt for leaving her five boys to save her one girl, Jamie vowed to never leave Kycie alone. Each day began and ended with a prayer for small but specific requests. Please help Kycie open her eyes. Please help Kycie wiggle her toes. Please help Kycie swallow better. After the prayer it was time for Jamie to wipe the dust off her knees and go to work. Hour after hour and day after day, Jamie could be found cheering Kycie through tears and pain. Pushing Kycie to her physical limit and beyond. Jamie never broke down during therapy sessions, but behind closed doors she humbly sobbed for her lost and broken little girl. She cried for missing her boy’s birthday party and playoff games. She wept and longed for the comforting embrace of her husband.

The hard work and dedication paid off. After 4 months of being in the hospital, Kycie was well enough to be released home. Still unable to walk, talk or feed herself, Kycie showed glimpses of her old self by rolling over, touching her nose on command and holding herself up in sitting position. Jamie hadn’t taken a single day for granted. Not just loving and holding her sweet girl, but Jamie was busy learning all about diabetes and traumatic brain injuries. She learned how to mix Kycie’s medicine. She learned skills in occupational, physical and speech therapy. With over four months of training, the thought of leaving the security of a hospital and coming home to the welcoming arms of her family was both terrifying and exciting.

Home life proved to be challenging and very time intensive. Kycie required care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She could never be left alone. Of course she had her moments, but this mother of 6 kept it together. With the help of neighbors, family and complete strangers, Jamie balanced daily feeding, therapy and the constant battle of controlling Kycie’s blood sugar. In addition, she organized summer activities for her 5 boys, kept up the laundry and still had time to do up Kycie’s hair nice and cute.

Jamie knows that the path God has set forth is not always the path we would choose. On July 11th, 2015, Kycie passed away in her father’s arms and with Jamie by her side in the comforts of their own home. Although not an easy decision in the beginning, Jamie was so thankful for the time she spent with Kycie in the hospital. With a firm testimony in Jesus Christ, Jamie has mourned the loss of her daughter while being an advocate for type 1 diabetes. She focuses her time on her husband and 5 boys while celebrating the lives that Kycie changed and even saved. Although wounded, this mother stands victorious upon the rock of Christ.

This story and pictures were also featured on the Beauty Revived blog and in the Beauty Revived magazine. It was part of the 50 Most Beautiful Women series and Jamie represented the state of Utah. You can purchase the hard copy of a digital version here,

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