Tuesday, February 4, 2014

letters to him {he's her lobster}

Since it is LOVE month I figured I should do something cheesy and corny for the ole' hubby. If you are a Friends fan you know the quote "he's her lobster!". While living in China we found this ever so disgusting key chain. I couldn't help but buy it. It's 2 crabs in a split heart that fit together. 
Like Phoebe says in my favorite Friends episode, lobsters mate for life:) Such romantics... those lobsters. Chancelor has been a perfect fit since day one. We met, fell in love in two weeks, engaged in three months, married in nine, and to this day I don't regret one single part of our story. Living in China taught us so much about each other. We learned things about each other that may have taken us years to learn if we had stayed in Cedar. When you are in a foriegn land, in a studio dorm, lacking in the language area, no family on the continent, and 2 of the 3 Americans around, you learn A LOT about each other. 
I learned that Chance is pretty much a genius. Fluent in 9 months.. wow. He is outgoing, kind, exciting, daring, and adventurous. Stuff I knew before China but I didn't know the depth of these characterisitcs. He is also very patient. I learned that real fast when he waited for me to use the squatter toilet for the first time. It took me FOREVER to work up the courage. I thought I was going to pee all over myself and the smell of the toilet...oh the smell. ew. He was so patient with me throughout our entire stay in China. He helped me learn Chinese so I could do things without being glued to his hip. He held my hair as I threw up in the street due to the pregoness. And he ate the nasty things people gave us so I wouldn't have to. He is amazing, thats all there is to it. 
I'm glad he's my lobster. There isn't anyone I would rather spend eternity with. It's true what they say about dating... "when you meet the right one, you will just know". I did. I just knew. As scared as I was I knew it was right. Even when my dad told him no, I knew we were doing the right thing by getting married. I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Life is a bit different now, no more traveling, no more China, no more complete freedom. That's okay though. Our life is so rewarding. We have the cutest baby (biased mama) who makes me smile every time I see her. I have the best husband (biased wife) who takes care of me and loves me even at my worst. Life is good. Here's to us. Can't wait to see where 2014 takes us and where we are next Valentines day:)
Love you Chance....

^ he's her lobster ^

 ^ the beach of Sanya, China ^

 ^ explanation here ^

^ about 6 hours after this photo was taken we found out there was a human inside of me:) ^

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