Sunday, June 24, 2012

talking to space.

Do you ever feel alone?
I'm surrounded by people all the time...Chance hardly leaves my side yet I feel alone and lost. 
How can someone feel alone in a city of 6 million people?
I hate that this feeling is completely up to me to get rid of yet I can't.
I think one reason for this feeling is how much I miss my family and how little we talk.
Life get's in the way and the time difference makes it almost impossible.
It always seems like when I can talk they can't and when they can talk I'm asleep.
Another reason is this adventure is wonderful but sometimes I feel like I'm not progressing.
Don't get me wrong I'm progressing in ways that I never thought I could but the things in my
life that I'm usually trying to progress in I'm not anymore.
I'm sure none of this makes sense but I just need someone to talk to and seeing as it is 2:30 am back in
Utah my go to people are asleep.

Being so far away makes me realize how easy it would be for my old life to just move on with out me.
My family would continue having family parties and cabin trips.
My friends would try to get together for lunch dates and talk about old times.
Life would just keep it should but it is a crazy thought.

I know I have many people back home who love me and are excited to have me home
but it is still a thought that pops in my quite often these days...
I haven't been able to talk to my mama in over two weeks.
I'm not sure why we haven't been able to get in touch but it has been hard not talking to her.

Well enough of that.
Thanks for listening. Let's move on to something happier.
What a crazy thing. I never thought my life would take me here let alone my hubby:)
So last month we decided to get pictures taken by a photographer in China.
I was curious how they run things and it was super cheap so we thought why not!
We took pictures in traditional chinese clothes...hilarious. Chance at least.
My dress is one that they would have worn back in the 20's but Chance's outfit
is from like a 1000 years ago haha! He wanted to wear it so he did and we had a good laugh!
These are just a peak. My friend came with us and he took some with my camera. 
The real ones should be done next week.

This shot by far is the funniest. Everyone kept saying "look at those foreigners!" 
(but in Chinese of course)

So Chance.

my next post will be happier I promise.


  1. Bren! Im kind of slow and just noticed that you have been posting on here lately. Which I'm so glad because we have missed you!!! I can't believe your so far away! China looks gorgeous and I bet you guys are having the time of your lives! Hope you and Chance are doing great and I'm loving the pics!! Keep on posting and know I love ya!

  2. I loved this post and how real it is..I was feeling the same way the other day so if nothing else you can know that its normal and you aren't the only one. Most of the time we are happy and that's all that matters. The pictures are great. Can't wait to see the rest.. post them when you get them. Love you

  3. That would be so hard! But you will get to see your family soon so that's good :) I love those pictures haha your dress is cute