Thursday, February 13, 2014

Emry Mei - 8 Months

Today miss Emry is 8 months old! I know I say this all the time but it is insane how fast time goes when you have a little one! Em is starting to sleep well again, thankfully! She is crawling all over the place...but she has the weirdest crawl! She is either army crawling but dragging her left side or she is crawling with her right foot on the ground and her left knee on the ground if that makes any sense! She loves taking a rest from crawling by propping herself up on her side...kinda like a play boy pose;) My wild child! She is still obsessed with clicking her tongue. She says mama non stop! She is pulling herself up on everything and loves to dance! She can officially stand on her own for a whole 7 seconds people! Big accomplishment:) She is growing so fast! It is crazy how much she has learned in the last couple months. She loves oatmeal, mixed veggies, and sharing her morning yogurt with me:) She waves bye bye and loves to scream! Being a stay at home mom is hard but there are so many amazing moments that make everything worth it! I'm so glad I get to stay home and witness her many milestones!
I love you, Em!

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