Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THE birds.

Christmas is a time of giving right?
Well, we have two injured birds among us:( 
As we came out of the movie theatre tonight Chance saw a "duck" flopping around in the 
parking lot. Of course we ran to it's rescue. Turns out it was bleeding and couldn't fly. 
We realized as Chance was holding it we could hear a lot of birds making sad sounds. We looked
around and noticed that there were a ton of dead birds in the parking lot. HOW SAD.
We went in to the theatre and found a box that we could keep our little guy in. 
Then as we were driving home we saw another one in the road that was alive. My tree hugging
personality came out so now we have two. What to do?
We looked it up and found out that it is a black necked grebe. They only fly when migrating and can't live in cold weather. We found an article talking about these kinds of birds falling to their death in southern utah in 1991 while trying to migrate south for the winter. 
Well history has repeated itself because they are all over the streets.
Well, for the night I'm playing mama bird. 
Keep our first "pets" in your prayers. I've turned into a corny tree hugger. crap.

We'll call him Chance, detective Chance.

well we've done our good deed for the day.