Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This months inspiring woman is Kiri from Jacob's Scarves!
Here is her story...


Hello! My name is Kiri and I am so honored to be featured on Brenna's blog! She asked me to introduce myself a little bit, and tell about my business - so here is a little about me, and a little about Jacob's Scarves! :) 

I met my husband online at He was online because he lost a bet to his last mission companion, and I was online because it was a slow season at work. We found each other online at the beginning of December, I flew to Seattle on Dec 27 to meet him in person for the first time, and we were engaged by January 13th! It was a storm of passion - but it was incredibly perfect. We married each other for time and all eternity in St. George on May 4th of last year. (It's almost been a year! yay!) Since then we moved to Provo so he could finish school with a philosophy degree at BYU. And I would eventually attend LDS Business College to learn more about what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it. 

Our story keeps unfolding to more beautiful places, precious memories, and late night ice cream runs - and it just keeps getting better. We have a lot of plans for our future that we can hardly contain ourselves with! Though there is always room for plans to change, there are three things we know for sure. One, we will never stop falling madly in love with each other. Two, Jacob's Scarves will be a big part of our lives. And three, God will remain the center and reason behind everything we will try to do in life. 

This life is meant to be full of big dreams and crazy rides, and we aren't wasting a minute. My dream in life is to make an impact wherever I am - and to change the world. And our success story is taking place right now, every day. 


We sell beautiful scarves to help underprivileged children receive an education. 

We believe in passion, enjoying life, kindness, dreaming wide awake, and adventure! 

But perhaps more than anything, we believe in making a difference.  


Jacob's Scarves was started while I was living abroad in China. I was teaching English, and living in the same building as the sweetest little boy, Jacob. It seemed unfair that although his family was hard working - they simply wouldn't have the funds to send Jacob to school. Because of this, his future wasn't bright, and his choices were limited. 

Something needed to change.

Thus, Jacob's Scarves began. Currently we are sending Jacob to attend school to receive a bilingual education. Something that will change his life for good. 


We are unique because we are more than a simple fashion scarf - we are a movement. We sell, to give back. 

We also will be opening a blog soon where we want to focus on inspiring the world. Helping people just like you, to achieve their biggest dreams and change the world by doing so. We want our scarves to inspire passion, adventure, dreams, kindness and hope. 

We are much, much more, than a scarf. 

(But it doesn't hurt that our scarves are the cutest and comfiest scarves of all time. ;)


I have a thousand and one goals, and find new ones every day. But my biggest goal is to see Jacob's Scarves thrive so much so that my husband and I are able to fund and run an international orphanage and school somewhere in this big beautiful world. We want to educate children all over to the world - teach them about their country, language, life, and fuel them with the power needed to make a difference right where they are. We believe in education, and we believe in making a difference. Our goals align with our beliefs and Jacob's Scarves is our way there! :) 

Isn't Kiri amazing? She was featured on a blog that I read and I was so intrigued by her business. Since I am such a China lover she caught my eye rather quickly! This amazing lady works her butt off everyday to help the kiddos of China! If you want to help, head on over to her site and buy a beautiful scarf. You won't be disappointed! To see her site go HERE and to see the photos I took of her spring line go HERE:)

Thanks Kiri for being willing to share your story on my blog...You are such an inspiration and I was so glad to be apart of the spring line! -xoxo

^Kiri and her Mama doing their thing at the spring line photo shoot!^ 

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