Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ni hao! Wo xiang ni!

well thanks to a great friend we finally got a vpn up and's a little slow but it is great to connect with everyone back home again. As I got on facebook and read some of my friends blogs a strange feeling came over me. It was so weird to realize that my life back home was still moving forward but without me in it. I almost felt like I wasn't progressing anymore. It was so wonderful to look at pictures of everyone and to see the smiles on their faces. I loved more than anything seeing the pictures of the new babies that have entered my friends lives and to find out what they named each one of them. It is crazy how many things will change in just 4 months. To all of my wonderful friends back home congratulations on the extending of families and how happy life is! I have never seen more beautiful people know who you are! (Basically any of my dear friends that have had babies in the last 4 months haha!)
Life in China is still great! The language is coming so fast for Chance and a little slower for me! Since I'm not in a class I have to study and learn on my own and anyone that knows me knows i'm not the most motivated student. We have met many new friends and learned so much about a completely different culture. It has been a humbling experience and I wouldn't change it for the world. We are coming home on July 18th but we have actually decided to do one more semester so we will come back to China on September 10th and stay till December!
The country is bursting with kind and loving people. They have made us feel so welcome in their home and have taught us so much. Yes things are quite a bit different here and not all of the differences are ones that I love but we'll just leave it at that. Both Chance and I are teaching many english classes and we love it. It get's tiring but it is so amazing to watch some progress! Especially a child, their minds are incredible! We have made Changsha our second home and when it comes time to leave for good it will be a sad day.
Right now we are getting a little excited to come home though....getting on facebook and all the blogs makes us miss everyone so much! It's so easy to get caught up in life over here but when I remember all the little things about home I get sad. The biggest thing right now is i'm sick of chinese food haha! The food here really is great but 4 months of it is starting to get to me. I miss Wingers so much and movie theatre popcorn! Mexican is definitely a nightly crave for me....mmm chips and salsa! Okay that's enough.
Well everyone, what I really want to say is thank you. Thanks for being such wonderful friends and family. Love you all:)


  1. Yay! thanks for posting.. I loved it! I can't wait to have you home bren bren!

  2. How amazing! What a neat experience! I am so glad you guys are doing so well. You look so good Brenna! So happy that you guys are enjoying your time there. The kids look like they just are completely engaged with what you are teaching them...sign of a great teacher! :)

  3. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing! It's so good to hear from you. :) I miss you! We'll have to play when you get back. :)