Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a normal wednesday over seas:)

So as you know I am teaching at a about hard work. But we have lots of fun and only learn a couple words each day! They learn so fast though it is amazing! 
Last month I taught them "I love you" so now every time I walk into teach they yell.... 
"I love you, MeiLi lao shi!" 
(MeiLi is my chinese name and lao shi means teacher)
It is seriously so cute! 
It is a challenging job but extremely rewarding. Not one teacher at the school speaks english so I play a lot of sharades and use my chinese dictionary a lot! We make it work though:)
The teachers are all really helpful and have been able to even teach me some chinese.
My chinese is coming a long. I now know over 40 characters! It is an extremely hard language to learn but I am trying. We'll see if I get any better next semester.

So back to the pre-school.... I teach there twice a week for just two hours. There are 4 different classes from ages 2-5, they are so little! Every time I have to say goodbye they all run to me and give me hugs and high fives. They are obsessed with my blue eyes and they always say "ni de wei shen me you lan se yan lian me? wo de yan lian hei se!" Which means "why do you have blue eyes? I have black eyes!"
How funny is that. Something so normal to us is un heard of over here! I'm the first American these kids have ever met so they are always asking funny questions. One of my older students asked me why I have such big eyes and I didn't know what to say so I just told her because my mom has big eyes! 
Being around these kids always makes me so happy we are living in China.

The 3 year olds!

K, this little girl is SO smart! She is three and the other day I said to her "Hello, how are you?" and she responded with "I'm fine, thank you, and you?" INSANE!
She always wants me to hold and she is a chunk! haha I love her so much:)

These little kiddos are the 2 year olds!

The 4 year olds!

The 5 year olds!

This little boy is my favorite, I want to take him home with me!
Everyday he tells me thank you for teaching him english and that he loves me! Makes me want to cry every time:)

Well that's enough from China for now!
Much love:)

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  1. I want to come visit! I saw Staci the other day and am soo jealous that she gets to. I'm so excited for them too though! If Luke was a little older I really would come in a heartbeat! Love you bren