Thursday, September 27, 2012

late birthday:)

my husband is wonderful:)
First of all for my birthday he got me my new baby, the Nikon love.
We were still in China over my birthday and we were actually on a Chinese tour in 
It was beautiful to see but my birthday was the worst night of my life! 
Not kidding. We stayed in a hotel full of bugs and the AC stopped working in the 
middle of the night! I literally cried myself to sleep! 
I know I know, dramatic. But it was horrible!
My birthday is on the 4th of July so to be out of America on that
day was really hard. There were no fireworks, bbq's or family parties!
We also didn't have internet that day so I didn't get to talk to any of my family:(
Okay enough of that. To sum it up it was a bummer.

Because it was kind of sad Chance decided to surprise me with a little celebration....3 days ago!
Yep we had a little party on Sept. 24 and it was amazing!
I cam home from a long day of work and he had cleaned the room, got me a small present, a little candy surprise and a cake was waiting there with lit candles on it:)
This sucker is made our of caramel and I guy made it on the street! Insane!

And here is my delicious white chocolate cake!

and he got me 2 scarfs (my recent obsession).

I love my husband because he is unpredictable!
That's all,

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