Wednesday, November 16, 2011


one word describes this post. obsessed. 
Jack's Mannequin has gotten me through a lot of ups and downs in the past 4 years. lame I know but it's true. Jack also connected me and Staci from the beginning of our friendship. She is the one and only person that completely understands my love for him because she is just as obsessed! 
This is a mash up of every Jack/Something Corporate concert I've been to. 
enjoy. I sure did.

This is in salt lake when he opened for the fray. He had his own tour scheduled but then his cancer hit again so he was really sick. He canceled the tour and ended up touring with the fray when he was feeling well.

here are the random people we met and took pictures with. They even took some of us on their camera and tagged me in them on facebook haha!

this one was in vegas for Staci's birthday:)

this was up in salt lake in the venue. SOMETHING CORPORATE! reunion tour. (he is their lead singer) the girls decided to make a weekend of it and partay! we had a blast. a big SWEATY blast. ew.

 sweatyness. but that is his piano behind me. and that is us in a cage? haha

Chance surprised me with tickets to Jack's show in salt lake, in the venue again:) 
we had so much fun and we loved that Staci and Andrew decided to join us!

he was a little bit tipsy? hilarious!

Get it? THUMBS UP! the show was wonderful. he gives me the chills every time I hear him play.

oh and I caught bobby's guitar pick! ya baby! 

Well, now you know I'm crazy.
If you don't know him already check him out. He is an amazing singer/songwriter/pianoplayer
oh and did I mention he is a cancer survivor? so cool.
He also has raised a ton of money for cancer research. again, so cool.
K i'm done. 
Jack's Mannequin-Swim


  1. hahaha yes, yes I would say you are obsessed. I love it. That sweaty after picture is so funny! Love you bren.. almost as much as you love Jack.. OH.. and Chance! haha

  2. I love it! haha I, also, have a love for Jack's Mannequin. Not as strong as yours (obviously haha) but I do love his music!