Friday, August 26, 2011

ummmmmmm yeah...

this one goes out to my baby girl Alexis on her berfday:) Let me tell you a little bit about this young lady, she is wonderful first off! The kind of friend you can sit and talk with for hours. 
One day she decided to move into our house of ladies and we have been tight ever since. She is hilarious. Smart and determined. She's gonna be a school teacher, you know mold kids minds. I'd let her mold me. She likes SAUSAGE and thin crust pep light cheez pizza (i think i love her just for that reason alone). 
Me and this lovely young lady have had a lot of fun together. And when I think of her random thoughts come into my mind....let me share a few. STD straw. I'm gonna get crabs this weekend! VEGAS!! Tie my shoe. That's what she said. Disneyland! Is there gonna be shopping there? Raquetball. Bi**h. I grow weary of this turkey leg! ummmmm yeah. Family night. Getting kicked out of clubs! the Tims. Cheescake waiter. Aaron and Chance's man crush. Volleyball Champs!

Alexis I love ya, I know you blog stalk me so I know you will see this. Just know that I think the world of you and I know you are going to go far in life. I love you so much i'd even let you be my kids teacher! (just don't tell them deep dark secrets about their mama)
You are a good friend and without you my life would be different, in a bad way:) Follow your heart. Be strong. and live.
Love ya sweet thang, mama:)
I like her cause she has a hot body. No lesbo.

I also like her because she likes men. Her man toy everyone:)

ummmm I need to do I get out of this wet suit?

I like her cause she calls me mama.

most of all I like her cause she is a kick A volley ball player! go team aaronalexischanceandbrenna:)

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  1. I just started crying. This was the nicest thing and the best birthday present I could ask for. I love you! There is a reason we are in each others lives. Love ya:)