Thursday, August 18, 2011


I really hope we see a baby that size:) i just want to squeeze the fat outta those cheeks!

well kids, It's official. We are moving to China in Feb for 4 months. CRAZY! i kinda want to get prego while we are over there just so I can say my baby was made in china, chance doesn't think that's the only reason to have a baby. I think it would be funny. ya he is probably right, you don't have kids because it would be funny. crap.
anyways....i'm a little scared.

reasons for feeling this way
1. I don't speak chinese.
2. i heard that chinese food doesn't taste like chinese food. go figure! we americans always make things better!
3. I'm going to be the tall blonde. that's a first. I won't know what to do!
4. what if i need to pee and i can't find a bathroom and my bladder explodes. (name that movie) 
but seriously.
5. first time moving away from cedar and i'm moving to another country. ya way to ease me into it chance!
6. having no family and no friends within a 6 mile radius. oh the joy of living in a small town:)
7. this is list is freaking me out more. i quit.

whelp, come what may and love it. and I will!!! 
Reason for going: When chance and i were dating he told me he wanted to get into international business. He then asked me if i would be okay with living in a foreign country and possibly raising children outside of the US. I told him i was all in 100%...on one condition...we have enough money to come home and visit any chance we get! he told me we had a deal. so china and the world here we come! watch out everyone, my man is going to take the international business world thingy to a whole new level! ya i don't really know what the job means but i support him and will always support him. I can't wait to see what our future holds. hopefully we don't end up poor american bums living on the streets of china, but you know what i'd be the poorest most in love person ever so i don't really care!
until next time y'all. bye bye:)


  1. YOU'RE GOING TO CHINA???!!! Holy crapola. This is awesome! And I would be scared out of my pants! You guys are gonna have so much fun! What a cool experience.

  2. That sounds so awesome, Brenna! I'm slightly jealous... ok, a lot jealous! Have fun! and good luck!