Wednesday, December 23, 2015

INSPIRING WOMEN {Kaylene Zobell}

I love doing this series and meeting these inspiring women each month. Kaylene was nominated by Ashley Peterson. She sent me a message one night with the most kind words about Kaylene. As I read her message I knew that she needed to by this months inspiring woman! 

Ashley wrote "Kaylene Zobell is the mother to one of my past students. Last year, when her daughter was in my class, she was pregnant with her 7th child. During her pregnancy, her little boy Nash was diagnosed with cancer. And by little, I mean like 4 years old. While all the stress with this little guy was happening, she ended up having her baby 5 weeks premature. This beautiful little girl was only 4 lbs 11 oz and had to wear doll clothes for the first part of her life since nothing else fit! Anyway, throughout all of this, her other kids remain active in sports, tumbling, dance, and still manage to keep up with all of their school work because of how supportive she is to all of them. I have never once heard her complain or feel sorry for herself. She always has a smile on her face to match her bright, outgoing personality. The word I would choose to best describe her is "uplifting". No matter what is happening with her, she is constantly looking for the positive and using it to lift others, whether intentionally or not." 

I am so grateful that Ashley pointed me in Kaylene's direction. She was so kind and fun to be around. I could see the love between her and Nash. That boy is one special kid. He has an entire team rooting for him! 

This world really is amazing. There is so much heartache, struggle, and evil. But amidst all the darkness there is light, goodness, and beauty. There are good people all around fighting a good fight. I'm so thankful that I am surrounded by such amazing people who just want to live their life the best they can. Such inspiration. Thank you for being willing to share your story, Kaylene. You are truly an amazing woman!

Here is her story... (written by her sweet husband, Coby Zobell)

I was content with 4 children, however Kaylene started having those
motherly stirrings and not so easily convinced me we had more children
to bring to earth. I admit I was reluctant for overly selfish reasons
and even feared the thought of more children. Needless to say at
present we have 7 adorable, amazing children. 

Our 5th child Nash came to us 4 plus years after our fourth child.
As I held him for the first time I was overwhelmed with gratitude and
the fears and reservations I once had vanished. That wasn't all
though. I had a very distinct impression about this special new boy
that he would be a great person and leader at some point in his life.
These thoughts and feelings were immediately shared with Kaylene as
they were so poignant to me. It was a very powerful revelation- one I
will never forget.

In 2014 just after Nash turned 4 he was diagnosed with (ALL) Acute
Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were devastated at the news and diagnosis
not fully understanding the treatment or outcome of this type of Cancer.

We arrived at Primary Children’s Medical Center a day after the
initial news and spent almost a week there doing more tests,
procedures and introducing chemotherapy and steroids to Nash. Kaylene
not giving a second thought for her own comfort slept beside our
little boy the whole time in a small hospital bed. Being 7 months
pregnant she patiently attended to him along with doctors and nurses.
Several weeks into treatment with chemotherapy, and steroids Nash was
put on a high risk treatment plan. The Cancer in his bone marrow
wasn't clearing at a normal rate which worried us and still does today.

Cancer doesn't just effect the patient but the whole family. We
brought Nash home to a house full of concerned, desperate children
wanting answers. They thought he was dying and that maybe time was
short for him. We gave them hope, assured them he was going to be
fine, that the doctors were the very best, but Nash and our whole
family have a long road ahead. “Nash will undergo three and a half
years of chemotherapy treatment to beat Leukemia” we told them. In our
minds that seems like forever. To Nash and the kids their concept of time is different.

One of our concerns revolved around this rigorous treatment plan
involving one and two trips a week to SLC as well as several extended
stays at a time for the first year. We thought how do we keep our
other kids involved in football, basketball, baseball, softball,
dance, ballet, piano, horseshoes, golf and everything else in-between?
To me I had very little worry. I know the type of woman and mother I
married. Kaylene has been nothing short of amazing being able to
juggle and keep up with a thousand things at a time. She is a perfect
example of prayer and faith. Of dedication and commitment to our
family. I like to think of her as a Super Mom able to do it all. 

It would have been easy for us to tell our kids to take a break from all
of the mentioned activities so we could dedicate ourselves entirely to
the treatment schedule. We have had family, friends and community
rally around us in support to make our crazy schedule continue as
normal as possible. Kaylene has always been an exceptional mother.
Always putting the needs and wants of her family first. Observing her
in action this past year makes me eternally grateful for this choice daughter of 
our Heavenly Father.

Our little fighter Nash, I believe, is very aware of his eternal nature
and is mature beyond his 5 years. I can’t help but look back to that
day holding him as an infant and say he is leading us through all of this.                                       
-Coby Zobell


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  2. Amazing lady!! Your one of the most amazing woman I know! Thanks for being such a great example to all of us!