Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Emry Mei {11 & 12 Months}

A little late but here is Emry's 11 month update...at 11 months little miss had 2 teeth with her top two coming in. She was speed crawling all over the place and jabbering like crazy! We moved into our new house the day before her 11 month mark and she sure loves the house! 
She has us wrapped around her tiny finger and I am so happy to call her ours!
Happy late 11 months!

11 month photos...

I will do a birthday party and one year update post for Emry, but here are her 12 month photos that I took in Ohio. She wasn't quite one yet but I figured she was close enough:) Our friends took us to this amazing house in Ohio to take some pics of our little miss. I had a blast and the house was seriously a photographers dream! I could have shot pictures there all day! 

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