Monday, April 14, 2014

Emry Mei {10 Months}

I seriously love this girl and my hubby more and more everyday. I often get this overwhelming feeling of joy and I know that is my Heavenly Father making me realize how blessed I am. I don't know what I did to deserve to have two such wonderful people in my life, and I thank Him everyday.

Well miss Em is 10 months! I can't believe how close to 1 she is! This age is so fun. She is so happy, smart, and honestly hilarious! She can now say Mama, Hi, Ya, and Dada. She waves, dances, gives hi five, and kind of blows kisses (we are working on it). She is a speed crawler with a fireball personality! She loves to talk (scream) very loudly, especially when we are in a quite place (church). She is adored by everyone she meets and often flashes them the cheesiest smile. Emry is very social and loves other kids. She is also obsessed with puppies! She laughs every time she gets close to one. Em is still sleeping through the night and she is also cutting her top two teeth. She loves my attempt at homemade baby food, but prefers whatever we are eating if we give it to her!
Being her mama has been so wonderful. She has taught me so much about love, patience, innocence, and laughter in these past 10 months. I don't even want to imagine my life with out her!
Happy 10 months little minion! 

Family Pictures (Em is 9 months and 3 weeks). All photos taken by the wonderful Karl Hugh at Studio West Photography!

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  1. Love it! Love your blog and love how cute your family is! :)